Our Technology

Through advanced research and development, we have optimized our system to have the lowest Levelized Cost of Energy in the industry.

Nexus Turbine

The NEXUS is an augmented turbine system. A semi-submersible trimaran hull houses two improved VAWTs (vertical axis water turbines); an augmenter system to increase the current velocity; and a special power generation system located above the waterline housing (placing it out of the water environment). The NEXUS Turbine will float like a barge on top of the sea, where the current is the strongest.

Core Development

We are developing and testing different blade concepts to improve performance. Vortical flow and dynamic stall data are being acquired, together with analytical models in flow regimes that have previously not been explored. We have organized facilities and ensured the external support required to convert this resource potential to a readily deployable system. Also, we have developed a turbine, a flow augmentation system and a floatable structure.


One NEXUS Ocean Unit has the potential to produce 1.2 Megawatts per hour – enough energy to power approximately 800 houses (based on the average U.S. household electricity consumption of 1000 kWh per month).

By 2030 Ocean energy will have created 160,000 direct jobs and saved 5.2 billion tons of C02 emissions.

-Ocean Energy Systems (OES) – Annual Report