Powering our renewable future with innovative energy systems, harnessing ocean currents and river flows.

After over 10 years of extensive research and development in collaboration with some of the world’s leading institutions and experts in hydrodynamic technologies, we’re ready to build a high efficiency semi-submersible turbine system capable of producing electricity from ocean currents and river flows.

High Efficiency Turbine Technology

Nexus Hydro

Our program will produce an augmented turbine system that consists of an improved VAWT (vertical axis water turbine), and a water acceleration system combined with specially designed power generation equipment for extracting the immense “kinetic energy” created by the Ocean and River currents.


We have organized facilities and ensured the external support required to convert this resource potential to a readily deployable system. We are currently developing a turbine, a flow augmentation system and a semi-submersible structure, while constantly optimizing our technology to further enhance efficiency and performance.


Our team of engineers, scientists, manufacturers and entrepreneurs are on the job of making utility scale VAWT power generation systems a reality. Our combined know-how and implementation skills will make this turbine technology a real and tangible solution to the renewable industry, while bringing our system closer to grid parity.

What our partners say

As the authoritative international voice on ocean energy we collaborate internationally to accelerate the viability, uptake and acceptance of ocean energy systems in an environmentally acceptable manner.

Ocean Energy System (OES) 

Among the contributions of SNMREC to the Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) growing industry is assistance with solutions to technical problems that, when solved, provide a reduction in the cost of energy of future commercial development offshore.

FAU, Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center.

Our Success

TOP 50

Winner of 2013 TiE50 – top start up award for renewable energy technology at Silicon Valley’s annual worldwide awards.


Our scalable production turbines harness ocean or river current on a 24/7 basis, eliminating the production downtime of other renewable technologies.


Years of refinement, collaborating with global leaders in hydrokinetic energy systems.

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We have created a team of internationally renowned scientists and experts that will realize the technology to reach grid parity. We are developing a very profitable system with the lowest Kilowatt-Hours pricing ever offered by renewable energy.

About Us

Ocean currents are some of the planets biggest assets in terms of passive energy.

NEXUS technology will extract the power of the oceans and rivers, an immense source of clean energy.



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