Our operations and objectives are supported by leading institutions in the field of renewable ocean energy.

The Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center at Florida Atlantic University seeks to advance the science and technology of recovering energy from the oceans’ renewable resources, with special emphasis on those resources available to the southeastern US: initially focusing on ocean currents and offshore thermal resources. By playing a leadership role, the SNMREC helps promote economic development and energy independence for the nation.

FAU SNMREC Letter Of Support


Gabriel M. Alsenas

INSEAN is a Research Institute active in the field of naval architecture and marine engineering within the frame of the National Research Council of Italy, CNR”, Established in 1927, and known since then as “Italian Ship Model Basin“, INSEAN permanently employs 117 people: 41 researchers and engineers, 60 technicians and 16 administration employees. They are known worldwide for the size of their facilities, advanced measurement systems, and quality of their research. INSEAN conducts extensive research in the disciplines of naval architecture and marine engineering.

Research Director Head of Institute
Dr. Emilio Campana

Senior Research Scientist Safrema Project Coordinator
Dr. Fabio Di Felice

Senior Research Scientist
Dr. Francesco Salvatore

Research Scientist Hydrodynamics
Dr. Claudio Testa

Research Scientist
Dr. Francesco La Gala

Research Scientist
Dr. Danilo Calcagni

Research Scientist
Dr. Luca Greco

The Ocean Energy Systems Technology Collaboration Program (OES) is an intergovernmental collaboration between countries, which operates under framework established by the International Energy Agency in Paris. As the authoritative international voice on ocean energy they collaborate internationally to accelerate the viability, uptake and acceptance of ocean energy systems in an environmentally acceptable manner.

Executive Committee Secretary General

Dr. Ana Brito Melo

SSPA’s vision is to be recognized as the most rewarding partner for innovative and sustainable maritime development. They want to contribute with new solutions to be able to achieve a long-term sustainable and environmentally friendly society for both those of us who live here today and for future generations.

Director Stockholm
Magnus Forsberg

Naval Architect
Dr. David Eckerdal