The Nexus Hydro Energy technology was first conceptualized in 2012.

  • NEXUS technology was created by Bruno Andreis who was born in Monaco, a small country that takes its pride being a champion for the sustainability of our Oceans. With Prince Alberts support, Monaco has become a true leader on matters of sustainability around the planet, making the principality a great base for bringing NEXUS to all corners of the world.

    As Monaco does not have suitable marine work shops and hydrodynamic research facilities to develop such an enterprise. Bruno initiated an R&D program with some of the most renown hydrodynamic institutes and specialists in the industry, This development has been an ongoing process since 2012.

    Bruno Andreis won a prize for most innovative technology in the renewable industry in silicon valley during the 2013 TIE competition, amongst participants from around the world. During this development Bruno came in contact with OES (Ocean Energy Systems), a world wide Ocean energy organization under the IEA.

    This organization has been very supportive. Bruno introduced the OES to Monaco who soon became a member. OES now has 26 member countries that help to promote the development of all new marine energy technologies.

  • In September 2012, Nexus Hydro signed a 5-year cooperation agreement with INSEAN, Italy`s premier research institute active in the fields of naval architecture and marine engineering. We’ve repeatedly tested individual hydrodynamic turbine components in INSEAN’s tow tank facility.

  • We signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Florida Atlantic University (FAU/SNMREC) in August 2012. This permits us to test the NEXUS turbine at FAU’s test site and facilities.

  • In March 2013, as a result of our successful research and development, we filed a patent application with 15 independent claims, including blades, augmentor, floating structure and generator design (patents pending)

  • In April 2013 Nexus Hydro was selected as a TiE50 2013 Finalist out of more than 1,100 companies from 22 countries.

  • Named Winner of 2013 TiE50 “Top Startup” Award at TiEcon 2013, the world’s largest conference for entrepreneurs in May 2013 in Santa Clara (Silicon Valley) California.

  • During late 2013, in collaboration with STANTEC, we studied a number of launch sites to select the most suitable location for our first NEXUS ocean turbine park installation. Some of the important criteria are, for example, current velocity, water depth, distance to shore, coral habitat and vessel transit.

  • Since 2015 a number of very potential projects have been given as proposals by different Organizations and members of the OES countries, for example Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, South America and the Caribbean islands.

  • In early 2020, Safrema Energy was rebranded to become Nexus Hydro Energy. Our founder saw a need to develop an updated brand identity, whilst retaining all previous owners /partners involved in the development of the Nexus Turbine. 

  • In September 2020, our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Florida Atlantic University (FAU/SNMREC) was renewed.

The next big step is the construction of our first full sized test turbine.