Core Development

As a result of our research and development the company has filed patent applications with 15 independent claims, including blades, augmentor, floating structure and generator design (patents pending). We are continuing to refine and optimize our technology.

Turbine Blades

One of the key technologies in our program is blade design. We are developing and testing different blade concepts to improve performance. Vortical flow and dynamic stall data are being acquired, together with analytical models in flow regimes that have previously not been explored. Up to now we have achieved a 30% increase of efficiency compared to existing blades. With this success we continue to work on the next generation of blades and are convinced that 40% improvement can be achieved!

Generators and Electrical System

We have finished the generator housing design and maximized efficiency in order to offer a high degree of fail safe operation. We will use 6 generators on each turbine to optimize weight, performance, costs and reliability.

Augmentation System

We have developed a highly efficient augmentor system, utilizing a diffuser and nozzle. These advancements will increase the turbine power by a factor of 2 to 3 times bare turbine output.

Floating Device & Mooring

We have set up a strong and ideal partnership with SSPA Sweden. In a team effort we are creating the optimum design / structure of the floating device for our NEXUS turbine.

SSPA’s specialties include:

  • Hydrodynamics
  • Hull design and materials
  • Strength calculation, FE-Analyses and optimization
  • Propulsion and auxiliary systems
  • Acoustics and vibrations
  • Stability (intact and damage)
  • Vulnerability analysis and assessment
  • Cost estimating


INSEAN Facility

INSEAN conducts basic research in the disciplines of naval architecture and marine engineering, with applications, among others, to the safe maritime transport and the reduction of risks to the ship and crew. Many research topics are aimed at areas of interest to the integrated European maritime policy: eco-sustainable transport, sea transport safety, innovative technologies for the shipbuilding industry, sustainable exploitation of the sea.

Test Tank

INSEAN Has one of the largest hydrodynamic testing facilities in the world, including an impressive 480m long ship model basin.

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